MonitorBot offers remote moisture monitoring system for flood recovery

Published 7 September 2006

Remote sensors provide moisture and humidity data

Any insurance agent will tell you that a great number of homeowner claims — $26 billion worth annually — involve water damage of some kind. While a home over the length of a thirty-year mortgage has a 9 percent chance of fire, it has a 26 percent chance of flooding. Insurance companies do what they can to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible, but drying, dehumidification, deodorization, and building stabilization services can only do so much, and success hinges on diligent monitoring of the scene as the work progresses. Martinsburg, West Virginia-based MonitorBot, working with Sensicast Systems and B&B Electronics, offers help with the industry’s first remote totally integrated moisture monitoring system.

The MonitorBot “combines 24X7 wireless sensor monitoring of humidity and moisture levels, dissemination of that data through a Sensicast SensiNet mesh network, ruggedized components and a wireless gateway developed by B&B Electronics,” according to a news release. Once installed, the inobtrusive sensors transmit temperature, realtive humidity, drywall and carpet moisture content, and other critical information to the company performing the flood restoration service.

-company Web sites: MonitorBot | B&B Electronics |  Sensicast