Samsung, GVI Security to in collaboration which will lead to one product line

Published 4 March 2010

Samsung, a manufacturer of video security products offering IP, thermal, and analog cameras, network and digital video recorders, establishes a strategic partnership with GVI Security, a provider of video security solutions to the homeland security, institutional, and commercial markets, to provide optimal security solutions to customers in North and Latin America

Earlier this year, Samsung Techwin America and GVI Security Solutions announced that they will establish a strategic partnership to provide optimal security solutions to both companies’ customers, a partnership that will ultimately lead to one product line. The was in response to the announcement that the Samsung Techwin and Samsung Electronics Video Security Products businesses are being merged effective 1 January 2010, due to the acquisition of the Samsung Electronics Company’s Video Security Products business by Samsung Techwin. Both the Techwin and Electronics names will be dropped for the surveillance product line and the company will go to market strictly as Samsung.

The combination of Samsung Techwin and Samsung Electronics resources are in essence doubling the resources that Samsung is dedicating to electronic security in order to become an industry leader. It will allow us to effectively increase the Video Security Products business and technological capabilities of both companies into a stronger, singularly focused digital video security systems organization. We are taking actions to ensure increasing sales, continued service and customer satisfaction for all Samsung Security Products” said J.W. Ahn, president and CEO of Samsung Techwin America.

This is very good news for our customers and the video surveillance market in the Americas,” said Steve Walin, CEO of GVI. “It is only natural, therefore, that we enter into a strategic partnership with Samsung Techwin America, replicating a similar symbiotic relationship we had with Samsung Electronics. Our SAMSUNG | GVI Security name will change to SAMSUNG SECURITY.”

According to Walin, legacy product lines will be maintained until superior replacements are developed and released, ultimately leading to one cohesive Samsung product line. In Latin America, SAMSUNG SECURITY (formerly SAMSUNG | GVI Security) will serve the entire region except for Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, where both companies will continue to serve these markets together.

GVI Security Solutions is a provider of video security solutions to the homeland security, institutional, and commercial markets. Samsung’s product categories include biometric readers, cameras, digital recorders, IP surveillance solutions, keypad, monitors, and surveillance.