Smiths Detection expands German facility

Published 18 July 2008

To meet growing demand for its Advanced Threat Identification X-ray (aTiX) systems, Smiths Detection opens a 4,000 m2 production facility in Wiesbaden, Germany

recently opened a production plant in Germany designed to meet the
global demand for its X-ray scanning machines. The multi-million euro facility
in Wiesbaden will make X-ray sensors and imaging devices deployed
in airports throughout the world to scan hand luggage and checked-in bags for
explosives. Much of the output will comprise Smiths Detection’s Advanced Threat
Identification X-ray (aTiX) systems, which are already deployed in major U.K. and U.S. airports such as Heathrow
and Washington/Baltimore. The aTiX system captures multiple views of carry-on
bags in a single sweep and includes software to help the operator identify
anomalies. The 4,000 m2 production facility, sited beside the existing plant,
is designed specifically for multi-line production of aTiX and other X-ray
inspection systems.