SuperCom wins GSA approval

Published 9 May 2006

Non-U.S. companies are walking on egg shells when they want to market their homeland security technologies and solutions in the United States; and Israeli smart-card company has just received the coveted GSA approval

Good news for Qadima, Israel-based electronic ID technology company SuperCom (OTCBB: SPCBF.OB; Euronext: SUP): Its U.S. subsidiary SuperCom, Inc. has been approved by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), thus opening the doors for the company aggressively to compete in the U.S. government market. The company, which provides smart card and electronic identification (e-ID) solutions. SuperCom received a Federal Supply Schedule Information Technology Contract for its products, including its Homeland Security and First responder product line. Note that even in the non-government U.S. market a GSA approval helps, as potential customers view it as a stamp of approval.

The products that won approval include SuperCom’s First Responder system, designed for first-response rescue teams in disaster areas. The approval enables all U.S. federal and state agencies to buy SuperCom products from a GSA-approved price list with agreed-upon terms and conditions.