SustainLane lists safest (and riskiest) cities

Published 27 September 2006

When judged according to natural disaster risks, Miami and New Orleans come off the worst; Mesa and Milwaukee are best bet for the anxiety-prone

Those who live in areas beset with natural disasters often wonder where they might move to escape. Often it seems that every choice has an unappealing tradeoff. A move from foggy San Francisco to sunny Miami trades earthquakes for hurricanes; leaving New Orleans for New York exchanges flooding for blizzards. SustainLane, an advocate for responsible and sustainable development, has removed some of the guess work with its new rankings of cities based on the risk of natural disasters. Nervous nellies should start packing for arid climes: SustainLane ranks cities in Arizona and New Mexico among the safest. Death from boredom, however, remains a very real threat.

The five riskiest cities:


Miami, Florida

New Orleans, Louisiana

Oakland, California

San Francisco, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

The five safest cities


Mesa, Arizona

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cleveland, Ohio

El Paso, Texas

Pheonix, Arizona

The data for the study came from SustainLane’s own primary research and information from Risk Management Solutions.

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