• Raytheon awarded Nextgen Air Transportation System contract

    Contract calls for Raytheon to study the Nextgen integrated communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) architecture and determine the NAS’s needs for 2018 to 2025

  • Qinetiq to acquire Cyveillance for $40 million

    Among the major winners of the administration’s 2010 defense budget will be defense contractors involved in cyber security, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; Qinetiq North America positions itself to benefit from the shift in the defense budget’s priorities by acquiring cyberspace intelligence specialist Cyveillance

  • ShotSpotter to acquire QinetiQ North America's SECURES

    ShotSpotter will acquire SECURES Acoustic Gunshot Detection System
    from QinetiQ North America, strengthening its position in the acoustic detection arena; 35 localities in the United States already deploy ShotSpotter systems in high-crime areas

  • BAE in $13 million deal to provide U.S. military with IFF transponders

    In an effort to reduce incidents of friendly fire on the battlefield, the U.S. military orders 500 identification friend or foe (IFF) digital transponders and spares for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy; BAE has already delivered more than 4,000 common transponders

  • Surge in armored car sales in Brazil

    Brazilians have to live with exceedingly high levels of crime — in the late 1990s, for example, the UN ranked the Jardim Ângela section of São Paulo as the most violent neighborhood in the world — at the same time that government agencies, owing to corruption or incompetence, fail to provide security; São Paulo leads the country — and the world — in making and selling armored cars; tax breaks now allow the middle class to buy protection which once was the reserve of the rich

  • BAE in $61 million contract to service MRAPs

    The U.S. military buys more and more RG33 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to defend U.S. soldiers from IEDs; there is a need to service these lumbering vehicles, and BAE receives a contract to do so

  • More orders for AS&E's cargo screening vans bring in $4.7 million

    Massachusetts-based AS&E’s popular Z Backscatter Vans are becoming more popular; company receives $4.7 million order for the “drive-by” scanning system, following several other orders in the past month

  • U.S. Navy nears decision on Littoral Combat Ship

    The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) will help the U.S. Navy counter growing “asymmetric” threats like coastal mines, quiet diesel submarines, global piracy, and terrorists on small fast attack boats; two teams — one led by General Dynamics, the other by Lockheed Martin — compete for a contract that could be worth more than $30 billion when all is said and done

  • Aussie explosive maker reports healthy returns

    Melbourne-based Orica is the world’s largest industrial explosives maker — and also the world’s largest producer of explosives used in land mines; results for the first half of 2009 shows increase of 15 percent in profit before one-time charges

  • Alion awarded $8.5 million U.S. Air Force contract

    Virginia-based employee-owned specialist awarded a follow-on contract to design and maintain a Web-based system that reports, assesses, and predicts Air Force readiness levels

  • Lockheed intensifies efforts to sell Turkey missile defense systems

    Turkey lives in a dangerous neighborhood; the accelerated pace of missile development by Iran has not gone unnoticed in Ankara, and Turkey wants to invest $4 billion in buying a missile defense system; Lockheed Martin teams up with Raytheon to win the contract

  • DARPA awards Lockheed $399.9 million for blimp

    Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor, receives nearly $400 million from the Pentagon to develop a blimp-carrying radar; the radar would be about 6,000 square meters (7,176 square yards) in size

  • Northrop Grumman acquires KillerBee UAV line from Swift

    The KillerBees are blended wing-body UAVs offered in sizes ranging from 6.5 feet to 33.2 feet in wingspan; NG changes name from KillerBee to Bat

  • Dutch flying car company, well, takes off

    Dutch flying car company PAL-V is gearing up for market launch of its flying car; it is Europe’s response to Massachusetts-based Terrafugia’s Transition

  • Virulent H5N1 mistakenly mixed with H3N2

    Austrian branch of vaccine company Baxter sent a batch of ordinary human H3N2 flu to Avir lab, also in Austria; a Czech affiliate of Avir conducted tests on ferrets, which died; investigation shows that the H3N2 batch contained live virulent H5N1 virus