Unmanned Ground Systems Summit: Early Bird Special

Published 23 June 2008

Unmanned systems perform more and more missions that used to be performed by humans; the Pentagon plans to spend about $4 billion on robots by 2010; IDGA holds ground robots summit in D.C. this August

Unmanned systems perform more and more missions which, in the past, were performed by humans. Because of the success of these robots, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), plans to spend $4 billion by 2010 on unmanned systems technology, with an eye toward increasing autonomy to free up troops that would otherwise have to monitor the robots closely.rs on robots during the next five years. Robots are currently being developed and deployed for the war of terror, with the majority being used in explosive detection, CBRN detection, reconnaissance and surveillance, and border security. You should thus be interested to note that the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement’s (IDGA) Unmanned Ground Systems Summit will be held 18-20 August in Washington, D.C. This event aims to provide a platform for the Department of Defense, government agencies, academia, and industry to discuss, brainstorm, and network in order to define methodologies and initiatives, while forging potential solutions and future partnerships. Core Areas of Concentration will be: the latest in EOD, CBRN, and Recon; techniques, tactics, procedures; next generation of armed unmanned systems; and component areas, including battery power, sensor technologies, and control systems.

There is also an early birde special: To receive up to $200 off, register and pay by 27 June.