VivoMetrics upgrades LifeShirt monitoring system

Published 11 April 2007

Worn underneath a soldier or firefighter’s equipment, new VivoResponder monitors vital signs such as respiration, ECG, and blood oxygen saturation

Ventura, California-based VivoMetrics is not the sort of company to rest on its laurels. We have on many occasions reported on the company’s LifeShirt system, a garment worn beneath a firefighter or soldier’s protective gear to monitor vital signs and capture high resolution physiological data such as respiration, ECG, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, and activity level. Data gathered from the wearable sensors are then transmitted in real-time to a remote command center, where computers then decrypt and process it for real-time and post-incident analysis. Now we hear that VivoMetrics, following extensive analysis over the past year, has developed an upgraded version known as VivoResponder.

Continuous, real-time physiologic monitoring of first responders is a critical defense for their fitness in real-world and training situations,” said CEO Paul Kennedy. “Our goal is to offer an early-warning system that improves operational efficiencies and reduces risk and the downstream problems and costs that arise from accidents.” As part of this effort, the VivoResponder includes a number of upgrades, most notably a switch from a full garment device to a lightweight chest strap. Other changes include improved heat resistance, a more user-friendly analysis software that allows commanders to quickly monitor and assess up to 25 team members simultaneously, and the ability to integrate VivoResponder data into existing radio and proprietary telemetry systems.