AMETEK wins DHS contract for germanium-based nuclear radiation detector

Published 30 October 2006

There are several types of radiation detectors, but experts lean toward germanium-based gamma ray detectors as offering the best combination of resolution and sensitivity; a specialist in this technology has just won a $2.4 million contract from DHS — a contract with a potential $50 million value over a five year period

DHS has awarded Paoli, Pennsylvania-based AMETEK (NYSE: AME) a contract for the design, development, and production of a high-resolution portable radiation detection system. The system will be used by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), public safety officials, and other first responders to screen vehicles and search public facilities for nuclear materials. The contract calls for a base year award of $2.4 million for research and development. As well, the contract contains option years for both research and development and production. If all option years are exercised by the government, the total value of the contract will range from approximately $5 million to $50 million over a five year period.

AMETEK’s system uses a class of high-purity germanium-based gamma ray detectors which offer a combination of resolution and sensitivity to identify nuclear material in a nuclear weapon, an improvised nuclear device, or a dirty bomb.

AMETEK has made a habit of winning such contracts. In recent months, AMETEK has been awarded contracts totaling more than $12 million by the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy and the U.K. Ministry of Defense. These include standard handheld Detective radiation identifiers, a back-pack version of the Detective, and a transportable portal system.

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