• BusinessTeleCommunication Systems acquires next-generation 9-1-1 technology specialist microDATA GIS

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) predicts that state and local governments will spend up to $1.2 billion over the next ten years for NG9-1-1 upgrades, with an additional $1.5 billion spent on recurring connectivity, hosting, and operations and maintenance; TeleCommunication Systems acquires microDATA GIS, a next-generation 9-1-1 technology specialist

  • Google acquires facial biometric company

    Following Facebook’s decision to implement biometric facial recognition software, Google has acquired a company to boost its facial recognition capabilities; the search giant recently purchasd Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition (PittPatt), which develops technology that can search images and videos for a specific face

  • BiometricsSafran completes L-1 acquisition, becomes world’s biometric leader

    In the latest series of purchases by traditional defense firms seeking to diversify their portfolios, French defense company Safran recently completed its $1 billion acquisition of biometric solution provider L-1 Identity Solutions making it the world’s market leader in biometrics

  • Data security Imation acquires MXI Security

    The cost of data breaches continues to rise annually, with the average organizational cost of a breach reaching $7.2 million in 2010; by 2014, the market for secure data solutions — protecting against data loss, theft, or breach — specifically designed to address secure portable storage, digital identity, and secure portable computing is expected to reach more than $4.5 billion; Imation, a major player in the field of secure data, further strengthens its offerings by acquiring the assets of MXI Security; the move is a continuation of Imation’s strategy of investing in key technology platforms to meet customers’ needs

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  • Morpho Detection purchases Syagen Technology

    Morpho Detection recently inked a deal to purchase Syagen Technology, Inc., a firm that specializes in chemical analysis instruments; Syagen’s technology and existing contracts will help bolster Morpho’s position as the industry leader in explosives and narcotics detection; Syagen’s detectors are currently used by airports across the United States to screen passengers and air cargo for explosives; the purchase is still pending approval from the federal government as well as Syagen shareholders

  • British company purchases American IED detection firm for $90M

    Last week the British defense firm Chemring finalized a deal to purchase Detection Systems, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, for $90 million; North Carolina based Detection Systems specializes in improvised explosive devices (IED) sensor systems; Detection Systems currently supplies the U.S. military with vehicle mounted IED detectors; the acquisition helps to enhance Chemring’s existing IED detection capabilities and provides growth opportunities for its chemical and biological detection programs; the purchase will not be finalized until the U.S. government reviews the proposal

  • CybersecuritySourcefire expands westward

    Maryland-based Sourcefire acquires Palo Alto-based Immunet for $21 million, expanding the company’s cybersecurity services; the acquisition will allow Sourcefire to accelerate its cloud-based initiative and provide a platform to expand its security services

  • Voice biometrics company Persay sold for $6.7 million

    Persay, which was spun off from Comverse Technology Inc. subsidiary Verint Systems Inc. in 2000, raised $10.4 million in four financing rounds; the sale price is lower than the amount invested in the company

  • ManTech to buy MTCSC Inc.

    Acquisition strengthens ManTech’s C4ISR systems integration and cyber capabilities, and access to new U.S. Marine Corps intelligence customers

  • The time for cybersecurity contracting is now

    It is not just a fad: cybersecurity represented the largest request for funds in last year’s intelligence budget; it is an area for expansion government contractors cannot afford to pass up

  • TrendBiometrics M&A activity reaches new heights

    The value of transactions in the security sector during September was the highest ever recorded for a single month during the last three years; in the biometrics sector, the noteworthy deals include the sale of L-1 Identity Solutions to Safran; BAE’s acquisition of L-1’s intelligence services group; Safran’s acquisition of Motorola’s Biometric Division and purchase of an 81 percent share in GE Homeland Protection; and 3M’s acquisition of Cogent

  • Aviation security / biometricsSix years later, U.S. pilot's licenses still not secure

    In 2004 Congress told the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to come up with a pilot’s license that included the pilot’s photo and could contain biometric information like fingerprints or iris scans; critics charge that today, the only pilots pictured on FAA licenses are flight pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright, and the licenses lack biometric data

  • Cogent, 3M clears legal hurdle

    3M Co. has cleared a major hurdle in its $943 million bid to acquire Pasadena, California-based biometrics firm Cogent, Inc.; a Delaware Chancery Court denied a Cogent shareholder’s motion to block the proposed acquisition of Cogent by 3M, citing the plaintiff’s inability to show reasonable probability of success on the merits of any of the claims

  • Large defense companies acquire pure-play homeland security players

    Daniel Meron of RBC Capital Markets: “In homeland security you are just as strong as your weakest link—- So having the best biometric system, having the best video system, the best motion detection system is not enough; this is not what’s going to cut it”

  • BAE buys L-1's Intelligence Services Group for $300 million

    L-1 Identity Solutions’ Intelligence Services Group is a highly regarded supplier to the U.S. intelligence and defense communities; the acquisition will complement BAE Systems’ growing Intelligence & Security sector, which focuses on four key customer missions —- intelligence and counterintelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, and support to military operations