Inquiring minds want to knowDHS increases size of Nanomix grant

Published 8 August 2007

In January DHS awarded a grant to a specialist in nanoelectronic detection; the department liked the company’s progress, and increased the amount of the grant

Good news for Emeryville, California-based Nanomix, a company we have been keeping an eye on for while. In January DHS awarded this specialist in nanoelectronic detection a $1 million grant to enhance the company’s Nanomix Sensation platform, which enables detection of a broad array of chemical and bio molecules. First responders would appreciate that the platform has high specificity and reproducibility, can operate at room temperature, consumes little power, and permits both wireless integration and simple deployment. DHS liked the progress the company was making on improving the platform, and has just added $260,000 to the second year of the grant, for a total of $1.26 million. The Nanomix grant covers a three year period and will be developed in cooperation with the Naval Research Laboratories. This is one of those very hush-hush projects, and netither the department nor the company would disclose the precise scope of the project. David Macdonald, president and CEO of Nanomix, offered a hint: “We bring unique technical expertise and experience to this project. Furthermore, all applications enabled by Sensation technology improve health or safety in some regard — this project is certainly consistent with that philosophy.”