DHS seeks nuclear detection research

Published 14 April 2009

DHS is looking to award $3 million this summer for nuclear detection technology exploratory research that could lead to a dramatic improvement in the U.S. nuclear detection capabilities

Are you in the nuclear detection business? read on. DHS plans to award $3 million this summer for nuclear detection technology exploratory research that could lead to a dramatic improvement in the U.S. nuclear detection capabilities, the department said. DHS has published a Broad Agency Announcement as part of its exploratory research program to develop new nuclear material detection technologies. FCW’s Ben Bain writes that

the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), which runs the program, says it anticipates making multiple awards under the program, according to the solicitation first published 25 March and updated 9 April. Interested parties must submit white papers by 15 April. Full proposals are due 5 June. DHS expects to make the awards during the summer.

The DNDO works to make sure the country is safe from the illegal importation, development or purchase of nuclear or radiological devices. According to the solicitation, DHS is interested in technology that involves detection materials, passive and active detection technologies and forensics. The department said it prefers comprehensive program proposal that may include elements of scientific theory, modeling, simulation, experiment investigations, algorithm development and other parts of applied research that could lead to a proof-of-concept demonstration.

The competition is open to private industry, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions. These organizations are encouraged to partner with the national laboratories, federally funded research and development centers, and national agencies. These organizations, however, can not submit proposals to be prime contractors, DHS said.