DoD orders $80 million in EFJohnson radios

Published 18 December 2006

Multiple contracts show strong demand for EFJ’s Project 25-compliant radios; DoD does its part for communications interoperability

Irving, Texas-based EFJohnson (EFJ) has been working hard this fall. In October we reported that the company had received a $2.65 million order from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for Project 25-compliant mobile radios and accessories. Project 25 (or P25), readers may know, is a voluntary communications industry standard for interoperability, and for that reason is value-added on top of any particular radio’s other attractive features. So much so, in fact, that DoD has been buying them up recently at a frenzied pace, and EFJ is reaping the benefits. The company recently received a $3 million contract, a $2 million contract, and a whopping $76 million contract from DoD, all for P25-compliant devices.

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