Remote alertsDevice allows summoning help where no cellular coverage is available

Published 21 November 2011

People who work or travel in remote places often find themselves in areas where there is no cellular coverage; summoning emergency help is thus difficult, if not impossible; a Colorado company offers a solution

A few days ago, oil field workers checking a remote well site along the U.S.-Mexico border ran into a group of twenty-eight illegal immigrants. The workers, worried about the security of the well site, used a small handheld emergency locator provided by a Colorado company Cartasite, to alert border control.

The company notes that the EnterpriseSPOT device is not dependent on cellular coverage, thus enabling people in remote areas to summon assistance or emergency responders from anywhere. EnterpriseSPOT operates as a global emergency beacon and has become an a tool for keeping remote workers safe.

In the case of the oil well workers: one of the buttons on the device was pre-configured to alert Border Patrol, transmitting the location of a field worker.