Russian military malware in home routers; Russia targets energy companies; voting machines flaws, and more

The problem with this approach, of course, is that by failing to stop Russia’s social-media meddling, Putin has retained a bargaining chip but precluded any possibility that America might bargain. Moscow appears to have badly misjudged how much damage its cyber intrusions and influence operations have inflicted on U.S.-Russian relations and, by extension, Russia’s own security. The Kremlin’s studied ambiguity about what it has been up to has narrowed rather than widened the Trump administration’s room for maneuver on Russia policy. Dismissing U.S. concerns as a temporary wave of domestic political hysteria, for which Moscow bears no responsibility, has become an excuse for Kremlin inaction in addressing a dangerous state of affairs. At this point, it is difficult to envision a resolution without Russia’s acknowledgment of its actions.