Side effectsCOVID-19 Could Cause Psychosis

Published 24 July 2020

Scientists have now observed that COVID-19 can apparently trigger a wide range of psychiatric symptoms, in addition to neurological ones. It was already known that many patients complain of smell and taste disorders. Strokes, epileptic seizures, paralysis, headaches, and even brain infections have also been reported. Katherine Rydlink writes in Der Spiegel [in German] that several studies now suggest that COVID-19 can also trigger psychosis. A survey of British doctors, the results of which were published in the specialist journal Lancet Psychiatry, showed that around 31 percent of the 125 patients with COVID-19 reported that they had psychiatric disorders. Ten patients suffered from a new onset of psychosis, six from dementia-like disorders, and four patients were diagnosed with an affective disorder, that is, manic or depressive episodes.