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Published 19 November 2020

·  DHS’s Cyber Agency Is Led By Career Official Brandon Wales. For Now.

·  U.K. Terror Police Warn Lockdown Will Lead to Radicalized Kids

·  Symantec Implicates APT10 in Sweeping Hacking Campaign against Japanese Firms

·  UK Police Arrest Man Over 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings

·  German Prosecutors Seek Life for Right-Wing Extremist Who Attacked Synagogue on Yom Kippur

·  A Hungarian Linguist at Norwich University Dissects Online Far-Right Propaganda

·  New Report Makes Stark Warning over Far-Right Philosemitism

·  The China Strategy America Needs

·  After Biden Win, U.S. Intelligence Community ‘Probably Doing Cartwheels’

DHS’s Cyber Agency Is Led By Career Official Brandon Wales. For Now. (Sean Lyngaas, Cyberscoop)
CISA officials left in the wake of White Houses’ scorched-earth retaliation are still carrying out their work on election security.Officials at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) who have spent months refuting conspiracy theories and battling disinformation surrounding the election say they will continue to do so, despite a White House purge of the agency’s leadership.

U.K. Terror Police Warn Lockdown Will Lead to Radicalized Kids (Bloomberg)
The coronavirus pandemic is causing a “perfect storm” of housebound youngsters being radicalized online, U.K. counter-terrorism police said Wednesday as they launched a site for anxious families.

Symantec Implicates APT10 in Sweeping Hacking Campaign against Japanese Firms (Sean Lyngaas, Cyberscoop)
A Chinese government-linked hacking group whose operatives have been indicted by the U.S. and sanctioned by the European Union is suspected in a year-long effort to steal sensitive data from numerous Japanese companies and their subsidiaries, security researchers said Tuesday.
The attackers, known as APT10 or Cicada, have been burrowing into the networks of companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical and engineering sectors, according to researchers from antivirus provider Symantec. They have sometimes lingered for months before trying to extract data and have targeted domain controllers, the servers that act as gatekeepers for organizations’ network traffic.

UK Police Arrest Man Over 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings (Reuters)
British counter-terrorism police said on Wednesday they had arrested a man over the 1974 pub bombings in the city of Birmingham which killed 21 people, the deadliest attack on the British mainland in 30 years of Northern Irish violence. The bombings took place in the crowded Mulberry Bush pub and The Tavern in Birmingham, central England, on Nov. 21, 1974. Although the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was believed to have planted the explosives, it never claimed responsibility. West Midlands Police said counter-terrorism officers had arrested a 65-year-old man at his home in Belfast on Wednesday in connection with the attacks. “The man was arrested under the Terrorism Act and a search of his home is being carried out,” they said in a statement. “He will be interviewed under caution at a police station in Northern Ireland.” The bombings, in which over 180 people were also wounded, caused the biggest loss of life on the British mainland during the 30 years of conflict between mostly Catholic nationalists, who favoured Northern Ireland’s unification with the Republic of Ireland,