Dreambox announces upgrades to its CCTV management system

Published 25 September 2006

Surveillance in a box approach offers digital recording, two-way audio, and site security management

Integrating CCTV hardware and software, especially in these days of intelligent video and audio analysis, can be a nightmare for high-security facilities such as airports and electrical plants that require multiple layers of protection spread out over a wide area. Debate rages whether data processing should be done by the cameras themselves (fat APs, or access points), thereby creating redundancies at higher cost, or whether the cameras should simply transmit the images to a central , more vulnerable computer (dumb APs).

DreamBox, a Fremont, California-based member of the Magal Group (most recently of note for winning an Israeli-government border protection contract), puts its faith in the latter approach with its eponymous DreamBox CCTV Security Management System. Newly upgraded, it offers local and networked digital video and audio recording (DVR/NVR), intelligent video analysis (IVA), virtual video matrix switching, two-way audio, and site security management all in a single box. DreamBox offers security planners an inexpensive yet efficient solution to seemingly-cumbersome surveillance requirements.

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