Gary, Indiana, expands ShotSpotter coverage area

Published 10 July 2007

The City of Gary was so pleased with the results of the initial deployment of the gunshot detection and location system, that it is expanding the system’s area of coverage

What would Michael Jackson — what would the Jackson Five —- think about the following story: Their hometown of Gary, Indiana, has completed the second expansion and is in the final stages of the third expansion of the

ShotSpotter system. Mountain View, California-based ShotStopper developed the system aiming to help law enforcement detect and locate gunshots. The ShotSpotter system has now been extended to cover more than four square miles of the city.

The system consists of a collection of sensors which detect and locate gunshots in seconds, sending a signal along with the precise location of the shots to police dispatchers. Thomas Branson, Gary’s deputy chief of police, said that “ShotSpotter alerted us to a gunshot incident where police found a subject lying in a pool of blood next to the railroad tracks. It turned out that he was on the FBI’s most wanted list, having killed a 13-year old girl in Ohio as well as two women.”

ShotSpotter offers both wireless and wired gunshot detection and location systems to public safety organizations and the military. The company says that its patented technology filters out non-threat noises such as fire crackers or car backfires.