Superbowl and homeland securityGuardTrax SFL used by security at Super Bowl

Published 5 February 2008

GuardTrax SFL is a GPS tracking solution for foot patrol security personnel; remember those guards who were found asleep at Peach Bottom nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania? GuardTrax SFL has a solution: A motion sensor will report if the device has had no motion for a predetermined amount of time

At Sunday’s Super Bowl, GPS/wireless tracking devices were used to monitor, track, and manage security personnel in real-time via the Internet. The GuardTrax SFL (Security Force Locator) from Cranford, New Jersey-based NovaTracker is a GPS tracking solution for foot patrol security personnel. GuardTrax enables security supervisors and managers to track, monitor, and manage their field security forces in real time at all times. The GuardTrax SFL uses GPS antenna GSM wireless communication which pinpoints location and activity data and combines it with mapping and satellite imagery software which the company says is accurate to within several feet. “It gives security supervisors and managers a virtual window from which they can view the activities of their roaming security personnel inside and out the stadium in ‘real-time’ all from the confines of the security operations center