L-3 awards LaBarge $18 million contract to use its subassemblies in EDS

Published 25 January 2006

Money for explosion detection systems continues to come in, and giant contractor L-3 signs up a Missouri company to provide subassemblies to the EDS it sells governments around the world

Explosive detection systems are a booming business, and the ripple effects reach far and wide. New York-based L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems has awarded an $18 million contract to St. Louis, Missouri-based LaBarge (AMEX: LB). The contract calls for LaBarge to produce subassemblies for an airline checked-baggage screening system. The agreement is in addition to a contract L-3 awarded LaBarge last spring, and expands LaBagre’s involvement in the program to the production of higher-level electronic assemblies. LaBarge’s subassemblies are used in advanced technology explosive detection systems deployed at key international airports for automatic scanning of checked baggage. The system also has been adapted for a U.S. rail passenger baggage screening pilot program. LaBarge will perform the majority of the work at its Huntsville, Arkansas, facility, with support from its Tulsa, Oklahoma facility. Production to continue through June 2009.

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