Live demonstration of satellite-based intelligence surveillance

Published 25 September 2007

Two companies join hands in live demonstration of satellite-based intelligence surveillance system; system sutiable for monitoring remote, difficult-to-access locations

Birmingham, U.K.-based Scyron, a surveillance services company, joined with communication company Datasat for the first, live demonstration of their intelligent surveillance system over satellite. The system is targeted at multinational organizations and governments, and it monitors and provides alerts of suspicious activity at remote locations, giving the intelligence to protect employees and high-value assets. The system is part of Scyron and Datasat’s Global Security Solutions portfolio and is available immediately on a global basis. Datasat invested in Scyron in July, and the demonstration is the first collaboration between the two companies. The system brings together Scyron’s surveillance technology for capturing and analyzing specific incidents with Datasat’s secure satellite network. The network transmits Scyron’s applications and solutions to remote locations around the world. The system is suitable for organizations with multiple sites that can be vulnerable and difficult to monitor such as border controls, maritime, military, utility, and transport locations.

Among the applications: A shipping company with cargo on numerous vessels would have a central monitoring and control facility at its headquarters; at unmanned remote locations such as an electricity sub-station, faults can be detected and investigated without the need to dispatch an engineer; for perimeter security, the system can integrate audio and biometric data to provide extra surveillance measures for access control.