Mustang Survival announces new rescue inflatable

Published 12 January 2007

Rescue Stick inflates upon contact with water; sleek design permits easy storage poolside or in a boat or vehicle; professional lifesavers find a clever friend in this unique device

Here is an emergency rescue device that even a child can learn to use. Bellingham, Washington-based Mustang Survival — known for providing flotation and hypothermia equipment to both recreational boaters and astronauts — this week announced the launch (no pun intended) of what it calls the Rescue Stick Throwable Emergency Rescue Inflatable. Shaped like a baton and stored easily in a boat or vehicle (or perhaps next to a children’s swimming pool), the Rescue Stick inflates automatically into a horseshoe shape upon contact with water.

Some particulars: It can be thrown 100 feet with accuracy (further by professional boomarangers), provides thirty-five pounds of flotation, and comes with a suggested retail price of $160. In addition, it can be used repeatedly simply by inserting a new bobbin and replacement handle. “The Rescue Stick’s unique capability to provide more flotation at a longer distance quickly makes this device a powerful rescue tool in the hands of professionals and recreational users,” said Mustang Survival’s Frank Leffelaar. “It is going to save lives.”

-read more in this company news release