New, detailed study of identity theft

Published 22 October 2007

An academic center for identity management issues a study which benefits from the U.S. Secret Service allowing, for the first time, review of its closed case files on identity theft and fraud

Today, Utica College’s Center for Identify Management and Information Protection (CIMIP) is releasing the results of a landmark study of closed U.S. Secret Service cases involving identify theft. The study, which will reveal new findings about identity theft perpetrators, victims, and methods, marks the first time the U.S. Secret Service has allowed review of its closed case files on identity theft and fraud. The research will be of particular value to government, law enforcement, and corporate entities whose mission is to prevent, detect, investigate, or prosecute identity theft crimes, said Gary Gordon, executive director of CIMIP and professor of economic crime at Utica College. Information on insider threats, points of compromise, and vulnerabilities will be of specific interest to chief security and chief information officers across many industries, including financial services and retail corporations, Gordon said. The results will be released at the 18th annual ECI Conference. This year’s event, “Identity Management and Information Protection: Research to Action,” will is being held on 21-23 October at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tysons Corner, McLean, Virginia.

Tomorrow we will offer a summary of the study.