Nokia to market Identity Search Server in Spain, Portugal

Published 23 March 2006

Good news from Spain: After more than four decades of violence, the Basque separatist underground movement ETA announced earlier this week that it was laying down its arms and accepting what it called a”permanent truce.” We should hope this is more than a PR gesture, as the ETA campaign killed nearly 1,000 Spaniards and cost Spain about $16 billion. Spain has internal security problems which go beyond ETA, as the 2004 Madrid train bombings demonstrated. Moreover, Spanish and Portuguese companies have to contend with the same identity fraud problems plaguing enterprises in other places. Finnish giant Nokia thus believes the Iberian peninsula is a good place for an identity management solution. Identity Systems, a member of Finnish communication giant Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) Enterprise Solutions and a leader in identity searching and matching technology, has just signed an agreement with Lisbon, Portugal-based systems integrator Datinfor to implement Identity’s Identity Search Server (ISS) throughout Portugal and Spain. Datinfor has a strong presence in the public sector in the two Iberian nations, and is also active in the private enterprise, especially in financial services.

Curado Gomes, Datinfor manager, knew what he was looking for: “We were looking specifically for a full-featured software solution that enables organizations with large volumes of information to search, match, or group identity data in a highly efficient manner,” he said. Identity Search Server meets these needs. It offers a complete solution for identity searching, screening, matching and duplicate discovery across the enterprise — and does so without requiring programming or changes to existing database tables. It has built-in intelligence which allows it to overcome variation, spelling, keying, and word sequence errors in names, addresses, and identity data regardless of country, language, or character set. The system also supports aliases, compound names, dates of birth, prior addresses, multiple identities, and phone numbers.

-read more about the ISS at Identity Web site; see more about Datinfor at company Web site; read more about ETA change in this report