One-time passcode generator for mobile devices unveiled

Published 10 July 2007

The safest password in the world is one which is used only once, then discarded; California company launches a one-time pass code genrator

What is the most secure password there is? Easy: A password you use only once, then discard. Good thing, too, then that San Jose, California-based Secure Computing yesterday released a software authentication tool which generates one-time-use passwords for laptops and mobile devices. The solution, SafeWord MobilePass, is designed to allow users to access VPNs, Citrix, Microsoft Outlook, and several other applications through one-time passcodes generated on their personal mobile devices or laptop PCs. MobilePass is set up to provide two-factor authentication, establishing identity for users accessing trusted business and consumer applications.

IDC’s Sally Hudson notes that the tool should be acccpeted by business people. She noted that this type of system will appeal to companies that have deployed mobile phones in large numbers and want to leverage that investment when implementing a two-factor authentication strategy. The company said that its new product is designed to generate passcodes that are never used twice and is available on several mobile platforms, including BlackBerry, Palm, Windows, and J2ME-enabled devices, as well as Windows Desktops.