Rail, chemical companies recognized for safety measures

training programs, and by providing outreach presentations to over forty-one local management agencies in the states in which it operates. In 2010, CSXT hazardous materials managers held over fifty-nine first responders training classes, five crisis management exercises, and two live drills.

Canadian National Railways (CN Dangerous Goods Team) — Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec

As part of TRANSCAER and Emergency Services Training Center initiatives, the CN Dangerous Goods Team works year-round to establish community outreach programs that generate goodwill from local citizens in the communities through which they pass, as well as positive media attention and positive commentary from local political leaders. CN supports local communities with its hazardous materials traffic information, and, through mock exercises and training, assists its customers in the safe shipment of hazardous materials. In 2010, CN’s team trained 5,020 emergency responders during 257 TRANSCAER Events in North America.

DuPont CAER Car Program – Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware

Established in 1988, the DuPont CAER Car Partnership has become an industry leader in transportation, community awareness and emergency response, providing responder training in over 1,100 communities in more than 22 countries on four continents. The program uses five CAER tank cars, including three ISO CAER-tainer units, which simulate emergency response conditions for training purposes through the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Asia Pacific.

Norfolk Southern Corporation – Headquarters: Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk Southern Corporation operates railroad transportation through twenty-two states and held TRANSCAER training events in fifteen of these twenty-two states in 2010 alone, reaching more than 5,000 emergency responders in ninety-two cities and counties. Norfolk Southern provided classroom, hands-on training, table-top simulations and actual drills to local emergency planning committees, emergency responders and government officials.

The Dow Chemical Company – Headquarters: Midland, Michigan

In 2010, Dow Chemical continued to illustrate its commitment to improving community awareness and preparedness along chemical transportation routes through its TRANSCAER Training Tours. Over a six-month period, more than 1,640 participants in nineteen locations throughout nine states took part in the Training Tours, offered in two tracks to meet the needs of both responders and non-responders.

Union Pacific Railroad – Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

Union Pacific Railroad is one of the national largest chemical haulers, operating in twenty-three states in the western United States and along key north/south corridors. In 2010, UP held sixty-one training events, reaching more than 3,300 emergency responders. UP also provided fifty-eight communities with hazardous materials traffic density commodity flow studies and coordinated eight drills to ensure community preparedness in the event of a transportation emergency.

California state TRANSCAER team

The California state TRANSCAER team promotes and conducts TRANSCAER training and exercise events and actively works with local agencies and responders to educate and to foster working relationships that enhance community preparedness for hazardous materials incidents. In 2010, the California state TRANSCAER team trained over 1,000 individuals in twelve locations over the course of 34 days.

North Carolina state TRANSCAER team

In 2010, the North Carolina state TRANSCAER team coordinated a series of twenty-one events across the state, educating and training more than 886 responders, many of which were members of North Carolina’s Hazardous Material Regional Response Teams. These efforts led to the first event with participation from CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern and HEPACO Environmental, as well as four Regional Response Teams, increasing the local and state readiness to respond jointly to a transportation emergency.

Pennsylvania state TRANSCAER team

Over the last eight years, the Pennsylvania state TRANSCAER team has coordinated forty-five training exercises for emergency responders, with thousands of participants benefiting from its efforts. In 2010 alone, seven different counties participated. These exercises, in addition to participation in tours, regional training and media outreach, have elevated the response capacity throughout the state.