Russia worried about terrorists with WMD

Published 6 June 2007

Following a 2006 agreement between Russia and the U.S., Russia is implementing a tighter control and monitoring of nuclear facilities; still, Russian authorities are worried

Russia’s antiterrorism committee said yesterday it had evidence that terrorists were trying to gain access to weapons of mass destruction and to technology needed to produce them. “The National Anti-Terrorism Committee is receiving information, including from our foreign partners, on terrorists’ endeavors to obtain access to weapons of mass destruction and technologies for their production,” Nikolai Patrushev, who heads the committee and the Federal Security Service, said at the launch of a regular committee session.

Patrushev said the committee would evaluate measures in place to secure key defense, nuclear, space and industrial facilities. The FSB director expressed his concern over the uncontrolled distribution of extremist and terrorist materials in the Internet. “There are currently about 5,000 sites actively used by extremist organizations and groups who distribute practical guides on organizing underground activities, making improvised explosive devices, and choosing facilities and tactical maneuvers for terrorist attacks,” Patrushev said.