PRSceptor Industries reports excellent results from recent tests of its OMNI 3000 portable air sampler

Published 15 August 2006

The Kansas City, Missouri company reports that it achieved collection efficiences as high as 91.8% and managed to process 277 liters of air per minute

Herding cats is easy. Effectively collecting microscopic particles from the air, that’s what we call a challenge. Taking it up is Sceptor Industries of Kansas City, Missouri, which reports a highly succesful test of its flagship product, the Omni 3000 portable air sampler. According to a company press release, the device, which is portable and battery-powered, “achieved collection efficiencies as high as 91.8% for 3 um polystyrene latex (PSL) particles and 70% for 2.9 um fluorescent oleic acid particles…The machines also processed 277 liters of air per minute, close to their nominal rating.” Designed to meet the needs of first responders, safety managers and indoor quality experts, the Omni 3000’s sensitive nose can capture molds, bacteria, viruses, and low vapor-pressure chemical compounds and particulates.

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