InvestmentBooz Allen calls for greater critical infrastructure investment

Published 23 January 2012

In advance of President Obama’s State of the Union Address, defense contractor Booz Allen is urging the president to focus on critical infrastructure investment

There is consensus across the political spectrum that infrastructure is critical to economic development, job creation, national security and competitiveness,” said Mark Gerencser, the executive vice president of Booz Allen. “But a lack of harmony in the political process is limiting our ability to accomplish the big things that are required to re-build America’s infrastructure.”

Booz Allen’s call for greater critical infrastructure investment comes as part of their Re-Imagining Infrastructure campaign, an attempt to transform how the United States conceives of transportation, energy and water infrastructures.

In particular, the company hopes to create solutions that leverage new business models, innovative technology, and funding—in scalable, sustainable ways.

For the Re-Imagining Infrastructure program, Booz Allen has outlined eight key principles that must be addressed including a comprehensive vision that inspires and guides planning and action at the regional and local levels; investment in innovative new infrastructure solutions, rather than just repairing existing systems; a long-term integrated view; ensuring local, state, and federal regulations are consistent, productive, and efficient across all infrastructure platforms; a recognition that in today’s fiscal climate, the United States must come up with creative financing, business, and operating models to ensure sustainability; broader regional plans that take into account the needs of several communities; and an increased emphasis on resiliency from the start of  all plans.