• DHS says it will scrap any virtual border fence tech if it fails

    In an effort to avoid another $1 billion virtual fence fiasco, DHS officials have vowed to scrap any border fence projects early if they are deemed to be a failure

  • A Monumental diversion: put money into border ports of entry

    While the new 650 mile wall between Mexico and the United States draws much media and public attention, border Ports of Entry (POE) are the real problem; we might feel safer believing that the border wall has been constructed, but fundamental challenges remain that call into question the viability of our communities throughout the nation; in many ways the monumental border wall is a monumental diversion

  • U.S. constructing $4.3M maritime fence to stop smugglers

    To prevent drug traffickers and human smugglers from entering the United States via boat, border authorities are constructing a steel and concrete barrier 300 feet out into the Pacific Ocean just south of San Diego

  • Border Patrol begins construction on outpost in remote corner of N.M.

    In New Mexico’s remote Bootheel region, drug smugglers and illegal border crossers will no longer be able to slip through undetected by Border Patrol agents; U.S. Border Patrol recently announced that it was building a new outpost in one of the last unguarded regions along the southwestern border

  • Mexico , the next private contracting boom?

    As military spending winds down in Iraq and Afghanistan, security contractors eying lucrative opportunities are looking towards Mexico, but strict gun laws and a turbulent environment greatly complicate things

  • Clearing trash along borders becomes increasingly dangerous

    Cleaning up the trash left behind by illegal border crossers is becoming increasingly more difficult and dangerous as immigrants move towards more remote areas

  • Lockheed delivers fourth upgraded P-3 to CBP

    On Wednesday Lockheed Martin delivered a fourth upgraded P-3 Orion aircraft to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

  • Was/is border National Guard really worth it?

    Since 2006, National Guard troops have been deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border under the assumption that they would help bolster security; with little training, Congressional oversight, or analysis, it is difficult to say how effective the National Guard Troops were; $1.35 billion later, was it really worth it?; as Congress authorizes another $60 million to keep troops stationed along the border, we must ask once more, was it really worth it?

  • Every day, every minute CBP serves

    In the first column in an ongoing series featuring contributors from the North American Center for Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University, Rick Van Schoik, the center’s director, provides an overview of U.S. Custom and Border Protection’s broad mission as well as the key challenges the agency faces in securing the nation’s borders

  • CBP wasted $69 million in building border fence

    A recent government report reveals that DHS wasted $69 million by buying too much steel for a border fence project