• Fearful immigrants trickle back into Alabama

    After Alabama enacted its tough new immigration laws last September, the state saw a large exodus of fearful immigrants who packed up their entire families and fled the state; since the law went into effect, some illegal immigrants have begun returning to the state

  • El Paso woman hit by stray bullet from Mexican gunfight

    On Tuesday a woman in El Paso, Texas was hit by a stray bullet from a Mexican gun battle more than half a mile away

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  • DHS suspends expansion of Secure Communities in Alabama

    Due to ongoing federal litigation against Alabama’s tough new immigration laws, DHS has halted the expansion of the Secure Communities immigration program in the state; the law has been tied up in legal battles, and a federal appeals court has already blocked portions of it

  • A Monumental diversion: put money into border ports of entry

    While the new 650 mile wall between Mexico and the United States draws much media and public attention, border Ports of Entry (POE) are the real problem; we might feel safer believing that the border wall has been constructed, but fundamental challenges remain that call into question the viability of our communities throughout the nation; in many ways the monumental border wall is a monumental diversion

  • GOP proposes ending child tax credits to undocumented immigrants

    A new proposal by Republican lawmakers could end child tax credits to undocumented immigrants

  • Minnesota becomes twenty-seventh state to fully join Secure Communities

    Last week Minnesota joined the controversial federal immigration program known as Secure Communities, while critics continue to blast the program; Minnesota is the twenty-seventh state fully to join the now mandatory program designed to share fingerprint information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

  • New Mexico considers ending immigrant licenses

    Lawmakers in New Mexico are considering a bill that would repeal a state law that permits undocumented immigrants to receive state driver’s licenses

  • Proposed law to expand Visa Waiver Program

    Late last month lawmakers introduced a bill that would amend the U.S. Visa Waiver Program making it easier for citizens of certain countries to enter the United States for short-periods of time without a visa

  • U.S. constructing $4.3M maritime fence to stop smugglers

    To prevent drug traffickers and human smugglers from entering the United States via boat, border authorities are constructing a steel and concrete barrier 300 feet out into the Pacific Ocean just south of San Diego

  • Border Patrol begins construction on outpost in remote corner of N.M.

    In New Mexico’s remote Bootheel region, drug smugglers and illegal border crossers will no longer be able to slip through undetected by Border Patrol agents; U.S. Border Patrol recently announced that it was building a new outpost in one of the last unguarded regions along the southwestern border

  • ICE appoints first immigration advocate

    Earlier this week the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced that it had appointed Andrew Lorenzen-Straight as its new public advocate to handle all questions and complaints about immigration policy

  • Major shipping companies inadvertently aid smugglers

    A new study on sea trafficking reveals that the large majority of ships involved in the illegal transfer of weapons, drugs, and banned missile or WMD equipment are owned by major shipping companies in the United States, Germany, and Greece

  • CBP overtime costs soar, agency seeks solutions

    Over the past six years U.S. Border Patrol agents have accrued more and more overtime pay at the same time that the number of arrests for illegal crossers has fallen to record lows; the cost of overtime has rocketed from roughly $156 million in 2006 to more than $331 million in 2011, with DHS spending more than $1.4 billion total during that time period

  • CBP considers relocating agents to stop corruption

    With the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) struggling to prevent corruption within its ranks, the Obama administration is considering rotating border agents to other locations to separate them from the powerful Mexican drug cartels and their bribes

  • Invaders wreak havoc on U.S. ecosystems

    In the decade since the 9/11 attacks, DHS’ focus on combatting terrorism has left some of its core agencies ill-equipped to perform its other missions, namely the Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) ability to prevent invasive plants and insects from entering the United States and wreaking havoc on crops