• Lockheed Martin hosts 150 Md. students in cybersecurity event

    Top performing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) high school students from Maryland gathered yesterday at Lockheed Martin’s NexGen Cyber Innovation & Technology Center to explore cyber security careers, education, and to promote safe online practices through a series of lessons and interactive stations

  • RSA blames nation-state for SecurID cyberattack

    Last week at a press conference in London, RSA executives revealed more details about the cyberattack that stole information regarding the company’s SecurID authentication tokens in March; Art Coviello, the executive chairman of RSA, said two well-known hacker groups as well as a nation-state collaborated to infiltrate the company’s networks

  • SEC requires businesses to disclose cyberattacks

    Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unveiled new guidelines that will make it mandatory for companies to report cyberattacks against their networks as well as the costs associated with them to their investors

  • Sony hit by hackers again, 93,000 accounts compromised

    Once again Sony has been the victim of a major cyberattack. This time as many as 93,000 accounts have been compromised from Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network, and Sony Online Entertainment

  • Michigan to launch cyber command center and defense teams

    To help boost the state’s economy and its role in securing the nation’s data networks, Michigan recently announced that it plans to launch a cyber command center and cyber defense response teams

  • Securing smartphones in battle

    As the military moves to incorporate smartphones on the battlefield, critics worry that the inherent security flaws in the devices could result in major data breaches or cybersecurity attacks on the military’s networks

  • German police uses backdoor Trojan to monitor Skype calls

    A backdoor Trojan capable of monitoring online activity and recording Skype calls has been detected — and is allegedly being used by the German police force

  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month launches today

    DHS, in announcing the launching of the eighth annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), says that this is why cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and each of individual and organization has a role to play; “Emerging cyber threats require the engagement of our entire society including government and law enforcement, the private sector, and members of the public,” DHS says in a statement

  • New report highlights Zeus Trojan's enhancement

    New report highlights enhancements of the notorious Zeus Trojan; the enhancements help Zeus undermine tacking and detection aimed at thwarting Zeus

  • Better cloud security

    Researchers have developed a new, experimental technique better to protect sensitive information in cloud computing — without significantly affecting the system’s overall performance

  • GAO: poor security procedures put sensitive government data at risk

    A recently released Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that poor information security practices at U.S. government agencies have put sensitive data and servers at risk

  • Registration for CyberPatriot IV competition to end this week

    With less than a week left before registration closes, CyberPatriot IV, the National High School Cyber Defense Competition, has more than 850 teams registered; this competition is attracting high school educators across the United States; the structure of the competition provides students hands-on learning while competing virtually against their peers and introduces many to the idea of cyber security as a profession

  • Securing financial infrastructure against cyberattacks

    To protect the U.S. financial sector from increasingly ubiquitous and costly cyberattacks, DHS plans to work more closely with other federal agencies as well as the private sector to defend against hackers

  • Strong growth for mobile phone embedded biometric security solutions

    New study says that the conditions are now right to create a strong market for mobile phone embedded biometric security solutions; the current global user base of four million users in 2011 is set to grow to 39 million users by 2015

  • ISPs asked to help fight hackers

    DHS and the Department of Commerce are considering a proposal that would request assistance from Internet-service providers in combatting computer viruses known as botnets