Resilience / Recovery

  • Japanese firms to begin IT security rating

    Eighteen Japanese firms announced they were creating the world’s first ratings agency looking at data security, which they said was a rising concern for companies

  • Anxiety: Human-to-human bird flu infection in China

    A 24-year old man in China probably infected his father with the H5N1 strain of bird flu before dying, renewing concerns that the disease may soon spread easily among humans

  • SyTech Corporation and communication interoperability, I

    The lack of communication interoperability among first response, rescue teams, and law enforcement during the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina was only the most dramatic and poignant demonstration of a persistent and debilitating flaw in U.S. agencies’ planning for disaster — and performing during disaster; communication interoperability is essential not only in disasters, but for routine, every-day operations of law enforcement; SyTech’s comprehensive approach to interoperability offers a solution

  • BCI offers stand-alone continuity credentials

    New entrants to the business continuity arena may have knowledge and understanding of the topic, but lack the experience required for full Business Continuity Institute membership; BCI offers a solution

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  • Hardware failure biggest threat to business continuity

    Hardware failure was the top disruption threat to U.K. business operations in 2007; lessons of the 2007 floods are yet to be absorbed

  • Private-sector support for telecommuting grows

    Heightened concerns about traffic congestion, air pollution, and gasoline prices — and worries about business continuity — increase the attraction of telecommuting; new CDW report reveals that support for telecommuting grows, but is offset by security concerns

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  • TeleContinuity granted Type II carrier license in Japan

    Japan is earthquake prone, so Japanese companies and organizations are especially interested in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions; one innovative communication continuity solution comes from TeleContinuity, and the prediction here is that the Type II carrier license, and a good distribution agreement with ECOSS Japan, would make the company’s products a success in the not-always-easy-to-penetrate Japanese market

  • Insiders are the greatest threat to companies' security

    There is a 72 percent likelihood that the next successful attack on your company will come from an insider, says IBM Tivoli executive

  • Economic barriers to better IT security

    In the real world, investment in risk avoidance may not be profitable; establishing economic incentives for IT suppliers to produce more secure products is a major problem because software publishers are not held liable for the shortcomings of their products; a new paper examines this conundrum

  • Majority of U.K. companies consider new continuity standard

    Security legislation, rising insurance premiums, investor focus on risk, and increased outsourcing prompt U.K. companies to consider being certified as complying with new British standard for business continuity

  • Cost to Irish economy from bird flu outbreak: €2 billion

    Experts say that over a 15-week bird flu pandemic in Ireland, there would be a hospitalization rate of between 0.55 percent and 3.70 percent of the population, and among those hospitalized, a fatality rate of between 0.37 percent and 2.50 percent

  • BT offers new voice continuity solution

    Disasters have demonstrated that in an emergency communication is key, and the resilience of the voice network is vital to the continuation and survival of the business; BT offers a new continuity solution

  • House passes 911 bill

    Bill facilitates migration from today’s 911 system to a IP-based 911 system to enable the public to access 911 from anywhere, anytime, and from any device

  • 3,000 life-saving radios go unused in Chicago

    Motorola supplies city with sophisticated emergency radios, but aging radio towers can not take heavy digital equipment, so emergency communication upgrades must wait

  • FCC orders creation of public safety network in 700 MHz band

    It has taken some time, but finally the FCC says a portion of the soon-to-be-auctioned-off 700 MHz spectrum will be used for public safety; law enforcement, first responders, industry (largely) welcome decision