• Hamas developing UAVs

    UAVs are serving militaries and law enforcement in advanced countries, but the benefits of using them have not escaped terrorist groups, and Egyptian authorities arrest Muslim Brotherhood operatives smuggling UAV components to Hamas

  • UAVs, UGVs operate and communicate with each other

    BAE Systems show how several unmanned air and ground vehicles operate simultaneously while communicating with each other and with their controllers

  • Europeans conduct final test of Galileo

    The EU wants to compete in the lucrative positioning market, and wants its Galileo system to compete with the U.S. GPS system; project has been hobbled by delays and shortfall of funds, but the EU soldiers on

  • UAVs on display at the Smithsonian

    As the scope and breadth of UAV deployments grow, so is the public interest in them; the Smithsonian put some of them on display; “UAVs are the future of combat air forces,” says the curator, himself a retired Air Force pilot

  • FLIR acquires Ifara

    Ifara’s Nexus is a turnkey product that allows users to connect and control a variety of different sensors; FLIR hopes that Nexus will ultimately become a standard feature in many products within its commercial vision systems and government systems divisions

  • Canadian government blocks sale of MDA space division

    For the first time in the 23-year history of the Investment Canada Act, the federal government blocked a foreign takeover because of a failure of the “net benefit” test; during this period, successive governments have approved 1,587 foreign takeovers; another 11,214 foreign acquisitions required notification under the Act, but not a formal review

  • Stolen military items available for sale online

    GAO investigators buy dozens of prohibited military items on eBay and Craigslist; some of the time would be of direct help to terrorists and insurgents

  • U.K. to set up massive national drivers' surveillance scheme

    Hundreds of monitoring stations would be used to track cars every five seconds — with daily itemized accounts of all trips made by Britain’s thirty million drivers; move is part of a national pay-as-you-drive road pricing plan; government says plan will reduce congestion and pollution

  • Lockheed Martin in £100 million U.K. situational awareness contract

    Lockheed Martin will merge several technologies — its own and other companies’ — in a £100 million MoD contract to increase soldiers’ situational awareness

  • Orsus Situator to be deployed at water supplier facilities

    The new approach to critical infrastructure security is “holistic”: Planning, training, positioning information gathering equipment, imposing intelligence on video streams and other information coming in, presenting all information in accessible fashion, offering a menu of responses when an incident occurs; Orsus offers a situation management solution to critical infrastructure operators

  • Anti-NAIS arguments smack of neo-Luddism

    Yes, perhaps NAIS does go too far in requiring people to tag their four of five egg hens in the backyard — but quibbles aside, NAIS is essential: In an industrialized, centralized food production system disease in one place can easily and rapidly spread; we should, therefore, avail ourselves of modern technology to keep track of animals

  • U.S. intensifies anti-al Qaeda UAV campaign inside Pakistan

    Pakistan’s inability — perhaps unwillingness — to confront al-Qaeda terrorists in the country’s Northwest Territories led the U.S. intelligence community to say that al-Qaeda now enjoys in areas of Pakistan the same freedom the organization enjoyed in pre-9/11 Afghanistan; in July 2007 we wrote that the day of U.S. unilateral UAV attacks on terrorists inside Pakistan was near — signaled by the deployment to Iraq of a UAV squadron; that day is here

  • Landscape of business intelligence market changes in six months

    A campaign of acquisitions by IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP has changed the look of the business intelligence market in the last six months; The Big Four’s market moves were driven by the growing BI hype, the need for self-preservation, and even some fear

  • Cargill to promote food safety training in China

    Cargill will partner with AQSIQ to provide Chinese government officials, academics, and business leaders with food safety training to expand their knowledge in food safety management

  • Miami police applie for FAA approval for UAV

    Bad guys in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan worry about U.S.-operated UAVs; the Miami Dade police wants to use Honeywell’s “hover and stare” drone to track bad guys in South Florida