Trimax and VisualGate announce BPL network surveillance partnership

Published 29 August 2006

Trimax’s transformer-boosting BPL technology a boon for VisualGate networks; companies to build surveillance for businesses with outlying buildings

Seeing is believing, at least in the surveillance market. Trimax Corporation and VisualGate Systems announced earlier this month a joint venture and technology-sharing agreement intended to meld the former’s advanced Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) technologies with the latter’s sophisticated network surveillance products. The result wil be seamless plug and play solutions for buildings requiring extensive video surveillance but also wary of the delays caused by rewiring an entire building or compound.

BPL technology, as the name suggests, takes advantage of powerlines already wired into the building, thereby limiting disruptive construction projects. Using special adapter, one simply plugs one’s computer into the socket in the wall. VisualGate already designs BPL-compatible network surveillance products, but, according to company vice president Malcolm Robins, the company was having trouble extending its service to businesses with outlying buildings, such as educational institutions, multi-dwelling units, and large industrial campuses. That is where Trimax comes in. Its unique ability to boost electrical signals throughout and between buildings by plugging in directly to the transformer opens these markets and gives both companies a critical edge in the surveillance market.

In an effort to further boost its BPL offerings, Trimax also recently acquired international BPL systems integrator Multi-Source.

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