TSA has processed more than 1 million commercial HAZMAT applications

Published 31 December 2008

Since the HAZMAT driver’s license screening process was launched nearly four years ago, TSA has completed a review of 1,015,660 applications and approved more than 1 million

The Transportation Security Administration (TSAannounced the completion of more than 1 million fingerprint-based background checks on truck drivers required to carry a Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) on a commercial driver’s license. Since starting operations almost four years ago, the HME Threat Assessment Program has completed a review of 1,015,660 applications and approved more than 1 million. “Truckers are another set of eyes on the road and are part of the security network,” said TSA deputy administrator Gale Rossides. “They play a vital role in keeping our freeways, streets, counties and cities safe.”

Applicants who initially may not meet the eligibility requirements can take advantage of a redress program without losing their HME in the process. TSA rules give states the flexibility to extend HMEs for drivers whose background assessments are still pending, providing applicants the opportunity to continue to work should they request an appeal or waiver. Applicants that are disqualified by TSA may seek a review by the U.S. Coast Guard Advocate Law Judge.

Examples of shipments classified as hazardous materials include gasoline, explosives, radioactive and infectious substances, propane, chlorine, acids, ammonia, and other poisonous gases. Drivers must renew the TSA background assessment at least every five years, although a state may require renewals that are more frequent.

More information about the program, how to apply, and a full list of eligibility criteria can be found at the TSA Web site.