Unstructured data search: Attensity Corp. forms Attensity Group

Published 24 April 2009

What with the mountains of information the Internet age allows, there is a need to search these vast haystacks for the few important needles; this is what unstructured data searches do; a leading player, Attensity Corporation, joins with Empolis GmbH and Living-e AG to form Attensity Group

Important news on the plain-text (or unstructured data) search front. Three semantic application vendors — Attensity Corporation, Empolis GmbH, and Living-e AGhave united to form the Attensity Group. The new Attensity Group will unify complementary technologies that analyze, interpret, and manage a mass of unstructured data. The new group’s go-to-market entity in the Americas will be named Attensity Americas, while it will be called Empolis, an Attensity Group Company, in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). In the markets in EMEA, the Living-e and Empolis teams will join forces. The companies have united their sales efforts to offer combined solutions, support and implementation services to the market.

Attensity Group has unsurpassed, proven experience, with more than 500 installations at more than 250 of the Global 1000 companies in addition to large government agencies.  Attensity Group comprises:

  • Empolis GmbH, the recognized market leader in information management applications
  • Living-e AG, the leading provider of intelligent multi-channel communication and information management solutions
  • Attensity Corporation, the leader in text analytics software for First Person Intelligence

Attensity Group has its international headquarters in Palo Alto, California, with additional U.S. offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Washington, D.C. In Europe, Attensity Group operates from London as well as from offices in several major cities in Germany, with EMEA headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany. Attensity Group will employ approximately 300 people.

Attensity Group says its product applications address the following areas:

  • E-Service Suite: Self-Service and Agent Portal — provides companies with knowledge bases and workflows for rapid, efficient service support and self-service; Automated Response Management — allows timely and accurate responses to incoming communications.
  • Voice of the Customer — enables the analysis of customer feedback to inform business decisions.
  • Market Voice — allows for comprehensive analysis of online customer conversations to understand and act on market buzz.
  • Research and Discovery — facilitates advanced search and classification of internal and external data, enabling early detection of issues in corporate, risk and legal processes.
  • Intelligence Analysis — enables analysis of content, context and connections among individuals, events, places, etc.

In 2009 Attensity Group expects to have revenues reaching as much as $50 million.