Trend: Homeland security as a job sourceU.S. Border Protection agency to hire 11,000 in 2009

Published 26 January 2009

CBP launches National Career Day around the United States to announce CBP’s goal for hiring approximately 11,000 frontline and mission and operations support positions in 2009

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBPwill kick-off National Career Day around the United States to announce CBP’s goal for hiring approximately 11,000 frontline and mission and operations support positions in 2009. The multi-city recruitment event themed “A New Year, New Career,” will launch 31 January to raise public awareness on CBP’s mission and broad career options, along with providing potential applicants information on how to apply for a CBP position.

This outreach effort strives to raise public awareness about CBP tasks, our mission, and the myriad career paths that make up CBP,” said Chris Gaugler, assistant commissioner for human resources and management. “The national campaign also will inform the public about how CBP integrates its resources to secure the border, along with encouraging job seeks to view CBP as an ‘employer of choice.’”

Fifteen locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico will hold open houses to be hosted by recruiters from the three branches that make up CBP, the nation’s largest uniformed law enforcement agency: Office of Field Operations, Office of Border Patrol, and Air and Marine.

The Office of Field Operations will detail the job of CBP officers who serve America at 327 ports of entry. CBP officers perform the full range of inspection, passenger and cargo analysis, examination and law enforcement activities relating to the arrival and departure of persons, merchandise and conveyances such as cars, trucks, aircraft, and ships at the ports of entry. Also within the Office of Field Operations, agriculture specialists use their scientific education and expertise to protect American agriculture and the food supply by preventing the introduction of harmful pests, plant and animal diseases, and biological threats.

The Office of Border Patrol will provide career information for Border Patrol agents who patrol almost 7,000 miles of Mexican and Canadian international land borders in between official ports of entry. One of the most important activities of a Border Patrol agent is line watch, which involves the detection, prevention, and apprehension of terrorists, undocumented aliens, and smugglers of aliens or illegal goods at or near the land border.

Air and Marine recruiters will provide details on the role of air interdiction agents who perform law enforcement aviation and work with other anti-terrorism detection and prevention operations. Agents also support air security for the nation’s capital and national events such as the Presidential Inauguration and Super Bowl XLIII.

More than 2,000 mission and operations support jobs will be filled.

Seven top jobs for mission and operations support:

  • Management & Program Analysts use their knowledge of information systems, management techniques and theories, organizational structure, planning and control systems, and policy to serve a range of programs activities and operations such as budget, statistical research, and performance measurement.
  • Sector Enforcement Specialists provide real-time tactical and operational information and use enforcement data analysis in support of ground, sea, and air operations.
  • Investigative Program Specialists document front line investigations and may conduct background investigations; provide expert technical knowledge of investigative techniques and procedures; exercise technical expertise in CBP operational and administrative functions; develop investigative plans and strategies; identify elements of proof, collect evidence, and assist other investigators.
  • Mission Support Assistants provide administrative support in one or more areas including finance and budget, logistics and procurement, human resources, records and file management.
  • Mission Support Specialists support a range of areas such as budget, management analysis, human resources management, training, logistics/procurement, security, and safety.
  • Contract Specialists provide a full range of contract services involving advertising for products and services, performing price/cost analysis and contract administration by utilizing a variety of contract methods and types.
  • IT Specialists provide various information technology (IT) support services to staff, programs and functions including systems analysis, network administration and customer support.

For additional information on CBP National Career Day or to apply online, visit the CBP Web site.