Versar awarded ISO 9000 certification for its protective suits

Published 2 August 2007

The market for personal protective gear is growing, and Versar receives important certification for its PPE products

What with the threat of terrorism at home and the changing nature of war abroad — soldiers are much more likely now to fight in small formations in urban settings than in wars featuring large fleets of armored vehicles — the business of personal protective equipment (PPE) is growing. There is also demand for such gear in the petrochemical industry, and, increasingly, by law enforcement and first response teams. We thus note the good news for Springfield, Virginia-based VERSAR: The Life Support Systems Division of its wholly owned subsidiary, GEOMET Technologies has received a Certificate of Registration to ISO 9001:2000 for manufacturing and supplying personal protective equipment products used in government, military, and commercial applications. GEOMET has gained a name for itself as a developer of protective gear which is National Fire Protection Association-certified and other PPE products such as chemical protective suits, gloves, boots, and respirators used in environments where chemical warfare agents or other hazardous and toxic chemicals may be present.

Dr. Ted Prociv, Versar’s president and CEO, stated, “We are delighted to receive the international ISO 9001 certification for our line of personal protective equipment. I believe this certification will fuel increased PPE sales in the coming months.” Prociv also said: “I expect a strong positive response from the market when we release our year end results on September 10, 2007. The positive news over the coming months will reflect the hard work of our employees as we continue to grow our business.” We’ll keep an eye out for these results.