Product profileVigilancePro from OpticVision

Published 20 March 2008

VigilancePro offers organizations protection from both internal and external threats; this endpoint security solution allows organizations to set their security and alert policies; it integrates with existing security systems; and it connects physical and digital security to fill the gaps in existing IT security infrastructures

The recent scandal at French bank Société Générale has highlighted, if such highlighting was necessary, how vulnerable companies are to insider threats. “Despite all the press and focus on hacking and viruses, there is a 72 percent likelihood that the next successful attack will come from an insider, according to statistics from ISCSA Labs,” said Marne Gordan, GRC market manager at IBM Tivoli (see HSDW story). Because such users are already on the inside, they can cause a lot of damage, and go undetected for a long time. It does not matter much why such users turn on their employers — financial gain, curiosity, vanity, good old-fashioned revenge