Wave Dispersion Technologies sells water protection gear to U.S. agencies

Published 25 January 2006

Here is an example of dual-use technology: WDT sea barriers are equally effective in preventing beach erosion as they are in protecting sensitive installations from attacks from the sea

Summit, New Jersey-based Wave Dispersion Technologies (WDT), a maritime security specialist, has contracted to sell and install four Marine Security Sign Buoys and two hundred and eighty linear feet of WhisprWave Small Craft Intrusion Barrier (SCIB) for the U.S. Army Reserve Facility at Mare Island, Vallejo, California. The facility, located on the western edge of San Francisco Bay, had a similar sized barrier installed in 2004. The new barrier doubles the size of the protected area and complements the original installation by providing warning sign buoys for the exclusion zone. This installation follows several recent port security contracts received by WDT, including one from the U.S. Navy for the Port of Jebel Ali, Dubai, and one from the Coast Guard for Coast Guard Island, Alameda, California.

WDT’s patented WhisprWave floating articulated breakwater technology is of interest to several U.S. government agencies, including DHS, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and the uniformed services. Note that WhisprWave technology is truly a dual-use technology: It may be used for both homeland security protection and for the prevention of beach erosion. WDT is an intellectually restless company: It holds seven domestic and international patents, with an additional twenty patents pending.

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