3n, Medworxx show hospital incident management solution

Published 5 March 2008

Simulation and virtualization are growing in popularity, and two companies compile their offerings to enable hospitals to simulate different scenarios and prepare for them; system also allows medical centers to mange these incidents

We have written about how simulation and virtualization are growing in popularity because they allow organizations to conduct complex drills — and allow infrastructure engineers to plan ahead more accurately — relatively on the cheap. Glendale, California-based 3n (National Notification Network), and Toronto, Canada-based Medworxx today announced the availability of a mass notification-enabled hospital incident command platform. Based on 3n’s popular Interconnect for hospital incident command systems, the combination of the 3n mass notification system and the Medworxx Emergency Readiness System offers hospitals the ability to manage emergency plans from inception through planning, training, and execution in real-world environments. The Medworxx Emergency Readiness System is a comprehensive software platform that enables hospitals to capture data from their current environments and use it to plan and execute emergency scenarios. Using the Medworxx Emergency Readiness System would allow healthcare providers to conduct master risk assessments of their facilities, highlight potential failure points, and prepare scenario plans to anticipate and alleviate these risks. Medworxx users can also manage incidences directly in the tool as they occur.

The 3n InstaCom system, a widely used mass notification system, gives Medworxx’s system the ability to reach past the borders of the software program to communicate with and automatically deliver instructions to doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who are not logged into the system. The 3n InstaCom system thus transforms Medworxx from a planning and organizational tool into a communication platform that can launch facility-wide, coordinated responses to a many different scenarios. Dan Matlow, president and CEO of Medworxx, stated “We view notification as a key element of an Emergency Readiness System. The partnership between 3n and Medworxx will provide a truly leading, best of breed Emergency Readiness solution for hospitals.” Cinta Putra, CEO of 3n, says: “Because of the unique and complex nature of the hospital environment, healthcare organizations need strong organizational tools to help them plan and prepare for future emergencies, Communications plays a critical role in hospitals’ emergency planning and response. By combining 3n InstaCom’s powerful communication capabilities with the Medworxx Emergency Readiness System, we are able to provide hospitals with an advanced, fully integrated incident command solution for streamlined emergency planning and response.”