Advanced Warning System offers two new sensor-based security solutions

Published 8 December 2005

Innovative company offers innovative information integrating solution

We like innovative and intellectually restless companies, and Carlsbad, California-based Advanced Warning Systems (AWS) is innovative and intellectually restless. The company has the right approach: It monitors and identifies advanced technologies under development in laboratories, universities and in private industry, and then finds ways to transform these technologies into next-generation products. In evidence: The company says it has recently completed the development of its advanced software solution that overlays wireless-based sensor networks. The company’s Intelisense Solution is a suite of software based on a common platform that supports two separate applications: Visual Intelisense and Virtual Intelisense. Visual Intelisense uses customer installed sensor networks to monitor the security infrastructure in real time. The solution aims to mitigate the risks to humans and business following nuclear, biological, or chemical events and other natural catastrophes. The system integrates with existing sensors, communication channels, and automated systems. In the process, it is automating, integrating, constantly assessing, and prioritizing threat level, lethality, and criticality in order to maximize situation awareness for command and control and rescue operations. Visual Intelisense is a patent-pending solution and the first of multiple patent applications for which the company will apply.

Virtual Intelisense is a software tool used by operations managers and security personnel for vulnerability assessment and risk modeling. This predictive modeling and visualization package can be used to develop generic vulnerability assessment templates and risk models for commercial, soft targets such as energy generation plants, transportation facilities (air, rail, public), resorts, hotels, shopping malls, gaming locations, and sporting events. The company’s Knowledge Engine builds objects which allow manipulation of responses based on the severity and number of threats and the priority of assets.

The company’s products are aimed at three industries, the first two are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure: Transportation (rail, water, air, and ground); energy (oil, gas, mining); and entertainment (sports, gambling, theme parks). The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that, in 2004, these three industries combined to contribute more than over $716 billion to the U.S. economy.

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