Experts highlight nanotechnology's contributions to homeland security

Published 9 November 2005

New York-based Advance Nanotech (OTCBB: AVNA.OB), a leading provider of financing and support services aimed at the commercialization of nanotechnology discoveries, held a panel discussion on homeland security at the NanoCommerce/SEMI NanoForum 2005. The panelists agreed that nanotechnology could deliver significant advances in electronics, materials development, and chemical detection to help ensure the safety of military forces and civilian populations. The panel was chaired by Peter Gammel, senior vice president for electronics at Advance Nanotech, and the speakers were Colin Cumming, president and CEO of Stillwater, Oklahoma-based Nomadics; Darrin Willauer, vice president of engineering at Austin, Texas-based Nanotechnologies; and David MacDonald, president and CEO of Emeryville, California-based Nanomix. Discussants on the panel explored the heightened threat that terrorism is posing for governments and security forces around the globe, and the role that nanotechnology could play in helping organizations anticipate and respond faster to these risks.

-see more information at the NanoCommerce/SEMI NanoForum 2005 Web site; read more about the relevant technologies at the Web sites of Advance Nanotech | Nomadics | Nanotechnologies | Nanomix