F4W releases anywhere-anytime server-free mesh communication platform

Published 17 November 2005

Situational awareness is essential to effective emergency management and response, and communication is the sine qua non of situational awareness. This lesson was driven home in 9/11 — but as Katrina showed, it was not driven home sufficiently so as to prevent a repetition of the 9/11 communication blackout. To implement the communication lessons of 9/11 and Katrina you need the right tools. Lake Mary, Florida-based F4W, (F4W) a company developing tactical wireless solutions for homeland security and emergency response missions and homeland security, is coming out with one such tool. It is called Tactica, and it is a server-free communications platform which allow users to interact in virtually any networked environment under any circumstances. The Tactica Communications Platform software provides users a common set of tools such as text messaging, VoIP, Video over IP, and file transfer designed to enable secure and trouble-free collaboration among rescue team members, associates, headquarters personnel, and any other relevant individual or agency —- anytime, anywhere — using any wireless or wired method of communication. Tactica may use the Tactica Enterprise Server, but it may function in the absence of a server too. Combining Tactica to F4W’s TWEB Incident Area Command Control Network and Incident Area Network, Tactica provides first and supplemental responders a means of communications when all other options are inaccessible.

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