Homeland security company spins off commercial trace location service

Published 3 February 2006

Versatile Nebraska-based company developed GPS systems for homeland security but now wants to use the technology in other markets as well

Omaha, Nebraska-based Trace Technologies, a subsidiary of Gabriel Technologies (OTCBB: GWLK), a versatile homeland security company providing physical locking systems, wireless biometric security, products and GPS tracking services, has launched its commercial Trace Location Services. Trace provides a flexible assisted-GPS location-based service. It enables a range of applications aimed at locating and tracking assets and people in challenging environments where small size, greater signal sensitivity, and extended battery life come at a premium. The company says that the superior signal penetration of the Trace service allows customers to track mobile assets in high-interference environments such as in buildings, urban areas, cargo trailers, and other obscured locations in which conventional GPS systems lose reception. Trace believes that its proprietary two-way paging-over-wireless-network software and web services interface, based on Qualcomm Snaptrak’s GPS software, may well revolutionize how and where GPS can be used.

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