ioimage shows ioicam sc1dn; will be retailed in the U.S. for $990

Published 1 October 2009

Entry-level VGA color day/night intelligent-video IP camera
with built-in video analytics is particularly practical for mid-sized entities such as remote monitoring, educational, and logistics centers, and other commercial sites

Last week, during the 2009 ASIS meeting, we commented that “The 2009 ASIS International event offers evidence that competition in security imaging technologies is becoming fierce as demand for high-definition surveillance grows worldwide, giving manufacturers, both established and new, the chance to tap lucrative new markets” (24 September 2008 HSNW). One sign of the growing competition among players in the market, and their positioning of their products for new markets or sectors, is offering systems that cost less without compromising performance.

One example would be the forthcoming release by ioimage, one of the more innovative developer of intelligent video appliances. In February 2010 the company will begin to ship its ioicam sc1dn, an entry level day/night IP camera with built-in, high performance video analytics. This newest addition to ioimage’s family of ioicam intelligent video cameras will retail in the United States for $990.

The sc1dn can be easily set up and operated via a standard Web browser, and it can be configured and managed using ioimage command center software and also integrated with leading NVR and management platforms.

The company notes that the unit’s very low noise levels and low light performance allow for the optimization of the captured video signal and combine enhanced detection capabilities while maintaining a very low false alarm rate. Built into the ioicam sc1dn are applications such as intrusion detection, tripwire, fence trespassing, and camera tampering. The unit can also be configured to detect unattended baggage, object removal, loitering, and stopped vehicles.

Intelligent video appliances equipped with ioimage’s time tested video analytics offer high performance, cost effective security solutions to mid-range and high-end installations of all kinds,” said Zeev Farkash, ioimage CEO. “Our latest camera, the ioicam sc1dn, exemplifies our commitment to broadening the reach of video analytics.”

The company noes that the new device offers automated surveillance solution that makes intelligent video more affordable to deploy and easier to operate. The ioicam sc1dn is thus particularly practical for mid-sized entities such as remote monitoring, educational, and logistics centers, and other commercial sites (ioimage is quick to add that the ioicam sc1dn also provides a suitable solution for high-end installations such as government institutions and homeland security).