Israel successfully tests anti-ship missile defense

Published 27 July 2009

During the summer 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, the Shi’ia organization almost sank an Israeli ship with an advanced Iran-made anti-ship missile; Israel has now successfully tested a sophisticated defense against anti-ship missile — a defensive system which should be of interest to U.S. Navy ships on patrol at the Persian Gulf

The Israeli military announced yesterday it had conducted a successful high-seas test of the Barak missile defense system. reported the experiment involved a simulated enemy missile targeted at a ship, with the Barak system intercepting the missile. A top-ranking navy official said the Barak defense system hit and destroyed the enemy missile.

UPI reports that the updated system can identify and intercept improved enemy missiles, and fire on them automatically. Updates were instituted following a determination that powers in the region could soon launch an attack from the sea with advanced missiles.

The navy official said the interception system can handle fast, dangerous attacks. The success of the mission will mean all Israeli Navy ships will receive an updated version of the Barak system, Israeli officials said.