L-3 selects AirWalk for CDMA-based IP-RAN

Published 3 April 2006

Communication during disasters is key to effective response, and L-3 chooses a developer of IP radio access networks for CDMA wireless voice and data networks

New York-based L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) ComCept division has selected Richardson, Texas-based AirWalk Communications, a developer of IP Radio Access Network (IP-RAN) for CDMA wireless voice and data networks, to supply CDMA IP-RAN products for a wireless IP network application involving airborne and terrestrial nodes. The total contract awarded to AirWalk was based on a fully integrated IP network including design, integration, test, and support of a multi-link communications deployment. The L-3 Communications ComCept division will integrate AirWalk’s IP-RAN into a wireless bridge architecture applied to advanced communication and remote monitoring solutions. Kenneth Davey, program manager at L-3 Communications, ComCept Division, explained: “When called upon to integrate a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) CDMA wireless solution into a network with unique command, control, and communication requirements, L-3 ComCept selected the AirWalk IP RAN system due to its maturity, low cost, as well as modular and scaleable attributes.”